F40 Berlin
Fidicinstraße 40
DE-10965 Berlin
Freitag, 3. Mai 2019
20:00 Uhr

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RAYS is an immersive experience, dedicat...

RAYS is an immersive experience, dedicated to the latent nervousness that increasingly permeates our existence. It strives to make visible what usually evades our senses: Wi-Fi signals, the electromagnetic fields of our smart phones, computers and power supply systems… Working as an antenna, Mirjam Sögner lends her body to these immaterial waves that define the very core of our contemporary existence. Using no other device than her own organic material, she attempts to receive, detect, synchronize with and amplify these omnipresent signals. She becomes vibration. Vibration becomes body. Energy becomes solid. The line between transmitter and receiver blurs. Will the body eventually dissolve? Choreography and Performance by Mirjam Sögner (Austria/Germany) Composition and Live Music by Jonathan Reiter (Germany), Lighting and Stage Design by Eva G. Alonso (Spain), Lighting Design Adapted by Martin Beeretz (Germany), Movement Research Coaching by Angela Schubot (Germany), Costume Design by Jana Wieland (Austria), Acting Coaching by Renae Shadler (Australia) Coproduced by Imagetanz / brut Wien. Funded by the Cultural Departement of Vienna and the Federal Chancellery of Austria. Kindly supported by Tanzfabrik Berlin. Photography by Kjartan Manvelyan (Norway)